Q: Is there any risk involved?

A: Absolutely not! We strive to make our customers happy. If you are not impressed with our service, let us know and we will either make it right or refund you your deposit and monthly charge.

Q: How many units do you need?

A: Regardless of your line, you just need one hardware per phone system.

Q: When can I expect to get my custom audio recording?

A: Since we do NOT use templates, the scriptwriting process typically takes 1-2 days because it is completely custom. Once approved, the recording and mixing of your production is quick. During busy times, however, it may take 2-3 days.

Q: Is it easy to change my on hold message? Background music? Duration?

A: Yes! VERY EASY! All of our work is saved on computers, so updates or changes are really simple. Simply e-mail us what you want changed.

Q: Why should I get a customized on hold message?

A: Well, there are many reasons.

First of all, you have a captive audience. Studies show 7 out of 10 callers placed on hold hang up within the first minute if there is silence. Why not introduce them to new products and services that your company has to offer. Statistics show that HoldCube.com’s messages increase sales by 23-37%. In the meantime, your customers are being entertained. They are not listening to silence, competitor’s radio ads, or offensive music. In addition, companies that broadcast radio stations over their phone system are actually responsible for paying ASCAP licensing fees. So why wait, let us increase your sales today!

Q: Does the order of my script matter?

A: Not really. Since the hardware is always playing and repeating your message, callers are randomly dropped into the message. Similar to how when you turn on the radio, you do not always hear the beginning of the song.

Q: Do I need to buy hardware?

A: No! All plans include digital repeaters. A fully refundable deposit is taken to keep the units from “walking off”. In the unfortunate event that you do decide to cancel your service, we will FULLY refund hardware deposit upon receipt of a workable unit. In addition, if anything happens to the unit that is covered under factory warranty, we will swap your units at no cost.

Q: What about our special needs?

A: We cater to our customers… Let’s say you need your recording done in Japanese and French or any other language, no problem. Basically, if there is a need… we are interested in meeting it. Let us know how we can help.

Q: Does this service ANSWER the phone?

A: NO. It strictly plays a custom production to any and all callers that are “on hold”.

Q: How do you process orders on your website?

A: 1. Submit order form
2. Approve Script
3. Relax (we’ll do the rest)

Q: Do you also provide custom messages for voicemail and autoattendents?

A: Yes, please email or call us for a quote.

Q: Does your service work on ANY phone system?

A: Our service will work on practically any phone system that has a hold button. It can even work on home and small business phones with the purchase of a special adapter.

Q: Is playing the radio or a CD to my callers on hold illegal?

A: Yes. ASCAP and BMI have recently started enforcing it.

Q: What do we do when we want to UPDATE OUR RECORDING?

A: You can update your recording as often as you want; given you have the remaining recording credits.

1. Simply contact us sales@onholdcustomaudio.com stating what kind of changes you would like.
2. We make the recording and email to you for approval.
3. If you have a USB device, we will email you the recording. Then, the recording can be “drag-and-dropped” on the USB flash drive by the customer and inserted back into the hardware.

If you have a NET system, we will update your recording “while you sleep” and it will be “magically” updated the next time you check.

Q: Upon what conditions is the hardware deposit not fully refunded?

A: In the rare instance where the hardware is damaged by the customer, a refund of the deposit will not be given. In addition, upon cancellation of a plan, or denied payment, if a customer does not return the unit within 30 days of the last payment, the customer therefore agrees to forfeit their deposit and agree to purchase the unit at current list price, thus owning the hardware.